Wexford House

503 Shrewsbury Street Worcester, MA


Traditional Mediterranean appetizers from Wexford House on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester, MAStepping into this family owned and operated restaurant at the top of Shrewsbury Street you get the feel of an old-style neighborhood spot, where friends and family have shared many meals over the years. The Wexford House has two distinct dining areas, with a lively and active bar separating the spaces. The menu of homemade specialties is varied and ranges from a long list of apps and soups, to sandwiches, burgers and a variety of entrees. Everything you expect to be on the menu is, as well as some things you might not expect, like some Mediterranean and Middle Eastern favorites because the head chef, Allen Erickson, has roots at the old El Morocco. This very popular spot is not a place you can arrive at on a Friday night and expect to walk in and get a seat as it is always busy so call ahead for a reservation. A large parking lot behind the building makes parking convenient.

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Updated: July 2014.