Che has been getting a lot of accolades, whether it be from the Telegram & Gazette  for recognizing his vision for street artists, Holy Cross touting their alumnus, Leadership Worcester proudly listing him as a member, or even Worcester Magazine listing him as last year’s Person of the Year, but in reality, none of that matters; all we care about is where he’s eating, who he’s eating with and what he considers #foodporn. Understanding Che Anderson’s food habits allows us to understand how food strengthens his vision and brings together all the moving parts to move Che forward – oh, and the city.

“Food is one of those things that makes me the happiest in life and so, it is important to eat literally as much as possible,” laughs Anderson, project manager for the City of Worcester. Like most humans walking the face of the earth, Anderson finds comfort in knowing that food creates the ultimate connection between people. “There’s nothing like a meal with family and friends. When I envision the most typical way of integrating food and the community, I imagine a huge gathering with family, friends and a bunch of strangers to enjoy each other, culture and of course, food.”

If you have ever met Anderson, you know that the energy he brings is contagious and while you wonder about what motivates him to strive for success, let us be the first to tell you that it isn’t some inspiration he finds in the new best seller about entrepreneurship but instead his motivation comes from a little peace of mind. “I find a definitive correlation between food and success as I find myself working with a clearer mind when I’m full – or after taking a nap – but mostly when I’m full,” says Anderson. “Lunch is my go-to meal because it provides a break in the day to reset, refuel and re-center myself. If I’m craving meat under the sun, I go to Pampas; if I want oysters, then I head over to Lock 50 but if I want soul food, then catch me at Addie Lees.”

While Anderson finds himself dining out at local hotspots like deadhorse hill – another favorite of his, he has been known to indulge his foodie cravings and take them on the road. “I have definitely traveled to Philadelphia for a cheesesteak and I’ve run back to New York to try things when they come out like the cronut, ramen burger, rain cake and the infamous milkshake from Black Tap,” he says. “When it comes to dining out while traveling, I always want to act like a local, unless there is some sort of fast food that is inaccessible on the east coast like In-N-Out Burger, Jack-in-the-Box or Del Taco. For the most part, when I am traveling, I want my whole experience to be that of a local, including everything from transportation to dining.”

With his introduction as the man behind Pow Wow Worcester, Anderson has been able to travel to amazing places, meet incredible people and work alongside some the industry’s inspiring talents but through it all, his inner child can’t help but find pure bliss in between the layers of his mother’s cooking. “My mom makes the best mac and cheese in the world. Period. End of discussion,” says Anderson, in a joking but not joking way. “Don’t get me wrong, she also makes pig feet and chitlins and I, quite frankly, want nothing to do with that.”

Anderson’s creative plug keeps him in tune with his vision and his creativity stems from a variation of food, music and the vibes of great company. “To clear my mind, I have to play music as I cook. I listen to everything from Al Green to Childish Gambino to Tom Petty (yes, Tom Petty) to Slick Rick and each one puts me in the mood to be the top chef of my apartment,” he laughs. “I’d probably make my friends the finest bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios they’ve ever had.”

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