What is Mass Foodies?

Mass Foodies is a Worcester-based organization that takes a wholistic approach on the Commonwealth’s growing hospitality industry by pairing carefully curated content with exclusive dining opportunities. Massachusetts has world-renowned Chefs and great restaurants and Mass Foodies is dedicated to supporting and promoting them.

“Mass Foodies is a digital resource creating original content paired with exclusive culinary events in the Commonwealth.”

How Does Mass Foodies Work?

Mass Foodies is comprised of three sections: Carefully curated content focused on restaurants written by industry experts, restaurant reviews written by passionate consumers, and exclusive events at the Commonwealth’s best venues.

“When Mass Foodies announced our big move to the Canal District, I could not believe the response that I immediately received. Within an hour, I had multiple news stations and papers contacting me for information! That week, our sales doubled. I was so thankful to have Mass Foodies announce our big news!” – Renee King, The Queen’s Cups

Each month, Mass Foodies writers eat and drink… and write about it. Whether it’s Chef Profiles, articles about wine dinners, hamburgers, pizza, or even industry happenings, each article is carefully curated to be original, exciting, and will make you hungry.

Each month, a group of 20-30 non-food professionals gather together to enjoy a meal together… and write about it. Traveling anywhere in the Commonwealth, the Foodies support (they pay for their meals) and promote (they have large social media following) restaurants and offer various perspectives about the different meals they’ve enjoyed at featured restaurant.

Throughout the year, Mass Foodies hosts events that are open to the public. These events offer unique experiences, exclusively created for our group, that offer insight into the food culture. Between Chef’s Best (where a notable Chef goes all out in creating their favorite dish), Chef’s Pairings (where a restaurant will do an exclusive wine, beer, or cocktail pairing), or Foodies On A Bus (an annual event where attendees are bused through a culinary journey) each event is a fun way to experience food in a new way.

How Do I Get Involved?

Restaurant Owners: If you would like to be considered for Mass Foodies, simply let us know. If your restaurant is already on the list, simply have your Facebook fans share the link and Twitter followers Tweet us; we’re listening and love to go to the most active spots. If you are interested in hosting a private dinner where the Chef can have the ears of eager Foodies, please let us know.

Hungry Foodies: Scheduling conflicts happen, and when a legacy member us unable to attend a monthly meal, their spot is open to the waiting list of like-stomached Foodies. If you would like to be considered for the waiting list, please apply here. If you are interested in the food without the work of writing, keep your eyes peeled for our public events—they appear out of the blue and are quick to sell out, so be certain to subscribe to our email newsletter and follow us on the social media. Priority does go towards legacy members, but available tickets are available to purchase for all public events!

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