The Mass Foodies Mission

Mass Foodies supports and promotes the culinary community of Massachusetts’ growers, distributors, cooks, servers, and diners through spotlighting their efforts with meaningful coverage and intimate experiences.

“Curating exclusive events and publishing thought-provoking content for the food-centric person.”

How Does Mass Foodies Work?

Mass Foodies is a digital publication that is comprised of carefully curated content focused on restaurants written by industry experts and exclusive events at the Commonwealth’s best venues.

Whether breaking restaurant news, listing recommendations for places to eat, or writing big-picture articles with a local focus, each article is carefully curated to be original, exciting, and make you hungry.

“When Mass Foodies announced our big move to the Canal District, I could not believe the response that I immediately received. Within an hour, I had multiple news stations and papers contacting me for information! That week, our sales doubled. I was so thankful to have Mass Foodies announce our big news!”
– Renee King, The Queen’s Cups

Throughout the year, Mass Foodies hosts events that are open to the public as well as private member-only events. These events are created to offer unique experiences that are exclusively created for our group and offer insight into the food culture. Whether it is a small doughnut making event with cocktail pairings, or a large sit-down dinner at an unexpected location, each event is a fun way to experience food in a new way.

“Working with MassFoodies for our events has been wonderful! The response that we have seen, on social media and in new customers, has been absolutely positive. New people are coming in weekly, if not daily, and mentioning that they saw us on Mass Foodies’ social media and just HAD to see our doughnuts in person!”
– Leigh Dalton, Doughnuts & Draughts