Amy Peterson

About Amy Peterson

A true devotee of Worcester, Amy has lived and worked in the city for most of her life. She currently serves as the Director of Marketing at DCU Center in downtown Worcester and previous to that spent 6 years in radio marketing. Amy lives and breathes entertainment, hospitality and tourism with a special focus on live event marketing. Growing up on Grafton Hill, Amy’s love for food was heavily influenced by the diverse ethnic inhabitants of the area. She spent the better part of her formative years thinking everyone picked their own grape leaves, handmade their own meatballs and “gravy”, and had Sunday dinners that ended in a food raffle!

Food Feed Worcester

Barely Legal Blackberry Moonshiner Burger

It seems the Maykel family has bootlegged their own property. One of Worcester’s first gluten-free and vegan-friendly restaurants (EVO) is survived by a completely redefined destination- Bootleggers Prohibition Pub. With far more than just a menu makeover, the entire space has been redesigned into a throwback saloon that would make the 1920’s jealous. Reclaimed wood…


Deadhorse Hill: A Trip Away Without Leaving Worcester

Once a hotel (Bay State House), deadhorse hill has reclaimed the history of the building it occupies dating back to the early 1900’s. Then, the headquarters for the Worcester Automobile Club held the Dead Horse Hill Climb from 1905-1911, where the best drivers and fastest cars would compete in a one mile race up Stafford…