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Growing up in a big Sicilian family, I learned early on the importance of food and how it relates to family, culture and tradition. Some of my fondest memories include family gatherings and lots of food. Today, be it a back yard BBQ, a family meal or dinner out with friends, food continues to be the glue that holds together many meaningful and wonderful memories. I am not professional foodie, but I am a passionate supporter of the exciting things happening in and around the Worcester food scene. As a friend often tells me, the great thing about food is no matter how good or bad your last meal is, tomorrow is another day and you'll wake up go out and enjoy all the great places Worcester has to offer!

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Fish & Chips at Oak Barrel Tavern Gets High Grades

Having been to Oak Barrel Tavern a few times before, I was excited to have our Foodies Group try this new upscale pub where Tweeds had resided for so many years. Make no mistake about it, Oak Barrel is completely new, completely renovated and no where do you see the remnants of Tweeds at all….


BUSTER Is Back And Better Than Ever

The Sole has been one of the most consistent restaurants in all of Massachusetts for more years than I can remember. It is on everyone’s “best seafood” list and when Buster is sitting on top of the building, you know you’ll be in for a treat.