Katie Kelly

About Katie Kelly

Katie Kelly is the Wine Director for Niche Hospitality and can be found most evenings at The Citizen in Exchange Place in Worcester. Prior to her current role with Niche Hospitality, Miss Kelly was most recently the Wine Director at The Beechwood Hotel. Outside of Central Massachusetts, Miss Kelly is an active member of the Boston Sommelier Society and Certified Sommelier with the Court of Master Sommelier.

Wines For Your Summer BBQ

Looking to enhance your BBQ? Don’t fill your stomach and drown your palate with beer—here are some wine suggestions to make your barbecue a success.


Sherry: Don’t Call It A Comeback

Often in the wine world, there are trends that come and go. There are the classics that will always be faithfully revered such as Burgundy and Bordeaux. However, relative newcomers to the scene are often subject to the current whims and tastes of the consumer. Sometimes wine geeks roll their eyes, waiting for some of…


Wines of Piedmont: An Italian Love Affair

Italian wines have often been a household favorite, held near and dear to the consumers that love drinking them.  Italians love to eat and they love to drink good wine with every meal.  They go hand in hand, and there is never one without the other.  So naturally, Italians make their wines to retain vibrant…