Lauren Muscarella

About Lauren Muscarella

Lauren Muscarella is a contributing writer at and editor for Worcester Foodies. Her first love is writing followed by talking to strangers as a close second. She wakes up every day to write, learn, listen and give back. Lauren's first book, inspired by the loss of her own mother, Alice's Law: Honoring Lost Loved Ones and Finding Deeper Meaning, was published in February 2015. Lauren graduated from American University with a BA in Journalism, Marketing and Film Production. When she is not working she spends her time trying to be a respectful and kind daughter, sister, aunt, friend, and citizen, who is occasionally funny.
Chef’s Favorite

Chef Carl Dooley Likes Healthy and Easy

Central Mass and Metrowest offer us a lot of dining options. Because of that, venturing down Mass Pike East, even while the traffic is still light and the sun stays out late, requires explanation. For the fourth installment of Chef’s Favorite, I visited 2247 Massachusetts Ave. in Cambridge, also known as The Table at Season…