Mark DiStefano, Jr.

About Mark DiStefano, Jr.

Mark has lived in the Metrowest area for ten years, and currently lives in Framingham. He is a teacher, and an avid New England sports fan. He enjoys finding local restaurants that serve as an alternative to more well known city eateries.
Restaurants To Bank On

Osteria La Civetta – The Gem of Main Street

Osteria La Civetta, or the “Little Owl,” truly defines the essence of Italian cooking offering scratch made meals prepared with high-quality local ingredients. During your next visit to Falmouth, do not fall prey to the usual suspects on Main Street, and instead, make your way to this hidden gem at the end of the street.

Restaurants To Bank On

Taste the Soul of India

In full disclosure, I had never eaten Indian food prior to my meal at Soul of India in Sudbury, so I really didn’t know what to expect. I’ll admit, I had reservations at first about the anticipated level of spice. What I was hoping for was an experience that would allow me to learn more about the cuisine and come away having enjoyed an authentic Indian meal. Soul of India accomplished just that.

Restaurants To Bank On

The Linden Store – A World Class Deli

Often times, the best and most memorable food experiences are found in the most unassuming locations. The Linden Store, located at 162 Linden Street, Wellesley, MA has been one of these places since it first opened in 1933. Of course much has changed since it first opened its doors, but the simple fact remains, good…