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Mass Foodies is a Worcester-based organization that takes wholistic approach on the Commonwealth’s growing hospitality industry by delivering careful curated content. Massachusetts has world-renowned Chefs and great restaurants and Mass Foodies is dedicated to supporting and promoting them.

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La Terraza Brings Authentic Mexican to Park Avenue in Worcester

November brought the Foodies to La Terraza on the recommendation of Stephanie – our resident Mexican food and Taco expert! And what a great choice it ended up being as we found out what so many people had already discovered…. authentic Mexican food on Park Ave. in Worcester. With no disrespect to the other fine…

Great Places

6 Great Places for Coffee

It’s Massachusetts, so when someone mentions coffee, Dunkin Donuts are usually the next two words you hear. Let’s face it, Dunkin Donuts created the coffee category around here opening the first store in Quincy in the early 1950’s…. and while many people can’t get started in the morning without their Dunkin coffee, there are other…

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Progress for Nonna’s, Steam, and Railer’s Tavern

In February, we were able to first introduce the new Niche Hospitality concept coming to the Canal District: Nonna’s Kitchen. Since then, we’ve been eagerly watching the construction of the Worcester Ice Center in anticipation of the opening of both Nonna’s Kitchen and STEAM (a café-style eatery located within the Ice Center with a focus…

A Bite Of Culture

Korean Army Base Stew: Budae-jjigae

Korean Army Base Stew has remained essentially unchanged since Heo Gi Sook first took smuggled military rations, combined them with Korean ingredients, and created a sensation. In my search for this signature Korean dish, I found the highly regarded Westborough Korean Restaurant right off the rotary in Westborough center.