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Mass Foodies is a Worcester-based organization that takes wholistic approach on the Commonwealth’s growing hospitality industry by delivering careful curated content. Massachusetts has world-renowned Chefs and great restaurants and Mass Foodies is dedicated to supporting and promoting them.

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Seven Local Chefs Join Sweet’s Alina Eisenhauer for Her Crowdfunded Cookbook Project

KICKSTART! Alina Eisenhauer has enlisted seven Worcester and local area chefs to provide exclusive stories and recipes for her Cooking from Memory cookbook, which she is funding herself through Kickstarter. (Crowdfunded means the book’s creation is entirely dependent on the support of the crowd – meaning us – through March 24: For a pledge of…

Great Places

6 Great Places for Breakfast

For some, breakfast is a cup of coffee on the way to work, for others it is more complicated. Most of us don’t eat out for breakfast every morning, although when you stop by some of the diners around Worcester you will see a lot of the same faces every day. The breakfast crowd is…

Great Places

5 Great Places for Mac & Cheese in Central Massachusetts

Comfort food by definition is food that provides a comfortable feeling of well-being. When conversations turn to “favorite comfort foods,” inevitably Mac & Cheese is high on most everyone’s list of favorites. So whether it’s baked, boxed, buffaloed or baconed, Mac & Cheese has oozed its way into the hearts of many Americans – much…

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One Eleven Chop House Receives Awards of Excellence from Retailers Association of Massachusetts

The Retailers Association of Massachusetts recently recognized One Eleven Chophouse as the “Restaurant of the Year” with its distinguished Awards of Excellence (REAMAE). The award is given to a restaurant that continuously provides its patrons with exceptional service, menu selection and a pleasurable overall experience. Previous restaurant award winners have successfully combined extraordinary  cuisine, service, and atmosphere and there…

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Discover Late Night Eats

Late night eating means different things to different people. Were you at the office late and need to find food before going home to crash? Did the kids have practice and “date night” got pushed later than usual? Or did you go out for drinks after work and forget about dinner, then realized it’s midnight…

Great Places

4 Great Markets That Will Enhance Your Home Dining Experience

Restaurant dining experiences have become more and more interesting…..Chefs and restaurant owners everywhere are trying to differentiate themselves from the competition by enhancing the experience for their customer with farm to table dinners, exotic dishes made from interesting ingredients, wine and cocktails paired to each course and more. But how about when you are dining…

Great Places

6 Great Places for Chicken Wings

Ask ten people to name their favorite spot for chicken wings in Central Mass and you will get ten different answers. And ask ten people how they want them prepared and you will get ten different answers, again. The traditional BBQ, Teriyaki, Buffalo and Honey Mustard flavors are still popular, but different flavor variations are…