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Mass Foodies is a Worcester-based organization that takes wholistic approach on the Commonwealth’s growing hospitality industry by delivering careful curated content. Massachusetts has world-renowned Chefs and great restaurants and Mass Foodies is dedicated to supporting and promoting them.

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UXLocale Offers Ice Cream & “Slow, Peasant Fare”

Uxbridge, MA has had a new place to cool off since UXLocale opened to serve ice cream earlier this month. And, since recently being approved for its liquor license, UXLocale is expected to become be a new culinary destination harnessing local resources in a rustic setting. Overlooking Uxbridge’s open fields, the restaurant’s goal (as the name suggests) is to source as much…

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Third Farmer Dinner Biggest Yet

When Lynn and Lee Stromberg founded Lettuce Be Local, one of their goals was to strengthen the community by bridging the gap between farms and consumers. Just a few short years later, pushing the “farm to table” concept, they determined that a Local Farmer Dinner would be a great way to educate—through eating—by creating an opportunity for…

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4 Great Places in Central Massachusetts for Barbecue

Barbecue…we think of it as American as baseball and apple pie, but BBQ’s origins are said to go back to a style of Caribbean cooking of the early 1500’s. Research tells us Spanish conquistadors learned this technique from the indigenous tribes on the island of Hispaniaola who had mastered a method of cooking meat over…

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July’s Italian Pig Roast at VIA

The history of the pig roast spans a multitude of generations and cultures. While there is evidence of whole roasting a hog over a rotisserie as far back as the “Bronze Age,” the common theme for this cooking technique is centered around community and celebration. While the concept of a pig roast is not new,…

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4 Great Places in Central Mass to Dine Outdoors

Central Massachusetts’ all too short outdoor dining season has begun…with many local eateries capitalizing on the good weather and offering dining al fresco! Dining outdoors means different things to different restaurants. Some restaurants, like Volturno, Lock 50, La Scala, Vintage Grille and The Mill 185 have built large open-air patios outfitted to take advantage of…

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5 Great Places in Central Mass for Takeout

There are hundreds of restaurants in Massachusetts that provide an outstanding in-restaurant dining experience. The food, the atmosphere and the service all come together to provide patrons an experience worthy of their hard earned dollars. But there are times that dining in a restaurant just doesn’t make sense, maybe you don’t have enough time or you…