Mission Statement

We provide an accurate, comprehensive, and unbiased listing of all Worcester businesses that serve food, mix drinks, and further the arts.

About The Company

WorcesterScene.com was designed and developed by Luke M. Vaillancourt for the sole purpose of having a single resource for people to find the hidden treasures of Worcester. Over the years, WorcesterScene has evolved to serve many needs. It was first created to simply provide an up-to-date resource of restaurants, bars and clubs, and the galleries in the city to help expose the hidden gems that the city had to offer, but might not have a marketing budget to advertise. Over time, WorcesterScene has branched off several microsites and organizations, including WorcesterFoodies. These microsites stay true to the core purpose of WorcesterScene’s mission, but help to add a more detailed element to help the site’s visitors make a decision on where to go and why. The nature of the Internet is not unlike the nature of Worcester; it is constantly growing and so is WorcesterScene.

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