Thank you for your interest in joining Foodies. We pride ourselves on giving fair, honest reviews to eateries in Massachusetts with the goal of Supporting and Promoting. Because none of us are formally trained people within the hospitality industry, we offer “real reviews by real people.” The structure of the program is simple:

  • Each month, usually the first Tuesday, we meet at a restaurant chosen by an active member*
  • Unless a special event, members order off of the restaurant’s menu (minimal substitutions, if any at all) and are responsible for paying for their meal and drinks
  • Foodies are required to write a review of their meal and submit it via an online form within 5 days
  • Monthly invitations are limited and determined by the size of the restaurant and foodies must RSVP to attend. If a month’s event is full (usually limited to 15), members are waitlisted until an opening. Invitation priority goes to those who’ve attended the prior month.
  • Members having missed three consecutive months are considered inactive and are placed on the wait list.

The editor will review all submitted reviews for grammar and spelling and the final review will be published online, along with photograph, and attributed to the member. Reviews are then distributed to an average reach of 30,000 visitors. Members that have been active for three or more foodies events will be eligible to choose future restaurants and use “Contributing Author for Mass Foodies” within their LinkedIn profile.

Currently, there is a wait list of 30 members waiting to partake in the Foodies program. To be considered, please complete the below form.

* An Active Member is defined as a previously invited member who has RSVPed, attended, and submitted a proper review from the prior month.

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