The Flying Rhino: a Shrewsbury Street staple for many years, seemingly feels like the grandfather of the street of restaurants that has seen a rapid renaissance in the culinary department over the last five years. So to have that type of following, and the longevity to remain a mainstay in such an urban jungle of restaurants is actually quite a feat. Admittedly, I am not the same eater that I was several years ago. According to science, your taste buds technically change every 7 years, but even without the backing of scientific research, I did not like certain things 7 years ago or more that I enjoy now. Back then, I took one look at the Flying Rhino’s menu and walked out…I, for the life of me, could not find anything on the menu that I thought worthy of ordering. This was not the restaurant’s fault, but more of a fault of myself. Being a member of the Worcester Foodies has expanded my palate and introduced me to cuisines that I was not familiar with, didn’t originally like and took me out of my comfort culinary zone.

With that being said, whether it is a renewed menu, renewed taste buds or a combination of the two, I found myself at the Flying Rhino for my next adventure of this ongoing burger extravaganza looking at the menu while my salivary glands revved up. Up and down the menu were items that I wish I could order; they all sounded delicious compared to my first visit many years ago. Having only a few burgers on the menu to go with your array of pasta, seafood and a variety of meats, I went with the Trailblazer. As advertised, this was a 1/2 lb. beef burger topped with the Rhino’s award winning chili, cheddar cheese, spicy tortilla chips and Sriracha ranch ($13). The last few burgers I have done, I have tried to get away from the normal toppings that you usually see like mushrooms, BBQ sauce, bacon, etc. and branch out to items a bit more exotic, a big more unconventional…this chili topped burger seemed to fit the bill.

Ordered medium with house cut fries, the burger itself was juicy and succulent. Cooked perfectly medium, the exterior had a nice char and crunch to it, while the interior was moist and seasoned well. The chili, advertised as award winning, was rich and thick. Think of Sloppy Joe consistency chili on top of a burger. There was very minimal liquid and the chili was rich and deep in flavor. It was peppered with large chunks of meat and beans. The chili itself had a nice slow heat to it, that grew as you ate the burger. Everything was topped with spicy tortilla chips and a few pickle slices, which were actually the best bites of the meal. The chips added wonderful crunchy texture to an otherwise smooth and rich bite, and the acidity of the pickles helped cut the flavors as well, while added a crisp, cool temperature to the spicy burger.

Overall, I was extremely happy I decided to give the Flying Rhino another try. The food sounded, smelled and looked amazing. My meal, as well as the other meals from our party, were cooked to order, seasoned well and plated professionally. The burger was definitely a surprise and I will be a welcomed customer to return in the future to try one of their numerous delicious offerings. With the holiday season right around the corner, do you have a favorite burger place that would like to share? Ring in the New Year with a delicious All-American classic? If you have a recommendation for a great burger, tweet me @EDioufUC5 and your suggestion might be next on my list? Until next time…

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