The Phenomenal Burger from The Fix on Grove Street in Worcester, MAThe Phenomenal Burger from The Fix on Grove Street in Worcester, MA

Hello everyone! It’s good to be back. The end and beginning of the year can be crazy and this year was no different. By the time I blinked we were already into February; the groundhog saw his shadow and we were well on our way to 6 more weeks of terrible, snowy winter. So here we are and I thought of no better way to kick off a new year of this burger adventure than return to the scene of the crime; the restaurant that kicked this whole journey off: The Fix.

Now on Grove Street in Worcester, The Fix occupies the space originally home to Northworks Bar and Grille, but has been newly renovated to leave you captivated with exposed wood beams, industrial piping for modern HVAC and a much brighter interior than the previous location on Shrewsbury Street (I always felt as though it was a tad too dark in there before – I mean, I shouldn’t need a flashlight to read the menu, am I right?). The square footage is easily 5 times larger than the previous location, and that’s no exaggeration. This would make you think that more seats would mean less wait time, more burgers in my mouth time… but don’t get ahead of yourself. My visit took place on a Sunday before President’s Day at 6 pm, and while there was a private function occupying one of the rooms, we still had to wait an hour and a half. I’m not sure if this is normal for them, or if was an off night for the servers, front of the house and kitchen, but we saw numerous people come in and leave because of the excessive wait times. I guess it’s good that you are busy, but it’s tough on your patrons and I can see how that could leave a sour taste in your mouth if you were thinking about coming back.

The Phenomenal Burger from The Fix on Grove Street in Worcester, MA

The Phenomenal Burger from The Fix on Grove Street in Worcester, MA

Anyways, back to the task at hand… burgers! After we were seated, I could not wait to place my order. I had decided on getting the Phenomenal Burger ($15). This particular choice featured bacon, smoked gouda cheese, a fried egg, frizzled onions, sweet chili ranch sauce on a brioche bun. I have to admit, that given the name, this burger was pretty phenomenal. The burger was slightly overcooked than the medium I tend to prefer (I’ll chalk it up to the disconnect I touched on earlier), but not to the point where the meat is ruined. It was still juicy and rich. The bacon was cooked until crispy, but not burned. Some pieces even had some chew to it, just how I like it! The smoked gouda was definitely a special choice. It was cut slightly thicker than normal and definitely added smoky undertones to each bite. While a fried egg is always appreciated on top of a burger, with the runny yolk oozing with each taste, the combination of flavors acting together made this burger seem like a breakfast burger of sorts. Now that’s a burger I can get behind! The onions added some great texture, but I wish there was more sauce. The bites I got more sauce in made the flavors explode in your mouth, with rich, creamy, smoky, sweet, spicy all playing their part in a well conducted burger concert. The perfectly buttered brioche bun was a great choice for the burger. Light enough to not be overpowering, but strong enough to withstand the hefty burger and its toppings.

The perfect end to the evening were a pair of chocolate spring rolls with caramel, strawberry sauce and whipped cream to finish everything off. The burger bar has been set once again for 2017 and although I’m not sure where the road will take me, I know that it will be a delicious ride. Where should I go next? Have a suggestion for a favorite burger joint that I should hit up? Tweet me @EDioufUC5 and your burger could be featured. Until next time everybody…

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