Chicken Pesto Pizza from Corner Grille on Pleasant Street in Worcester, MA

The Corner Grill has one unique thing after another about it. Everything there has a wonderful homemade feel with a very professional twist. I love the decor which is best described as modern and simple, with a hand made edginess. That reminds you all things here are leading you down a path no other pizza joint has…

So, the best thing about this pizza—well it is the crust. I just love a thin crust and this pizza delivers that in spades. I’ve never really encountered anything quite like it elsewhere. It’s the most perfect crust for rolling up and biting into. Then the combination of fresh a swirled pesto, over grilled chicken and bacon is fabulous. Add the cheese, which was all melty and bubbly, and a heavenly dinner awaits you at every bite. It truly does. There are quite a few wonderful and unique combination of pizza toppings available at this place, and I would recommend going back and trying a different one each time. None so far have disappointed this happy pizza lover.

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