Winding down a long and eventful birthday weekend left me with a couple of feelings. The first one being that I was getting old; I was/am no longer a spring chicken and with every bend and crack, I am starting to feel my age. Secondly, the feeling of needing one last satisfying meal to cap off my birthday celebrations. After attending a friend’s opening softball game, I was in the market for a meal and remembered that the Grafton Grill was right up the street. Opened in 2016, the Grafton Grill is located on Bridge Street and features an inviting, warm display of modern chic from stainless steel and white tile, to textured wood table tops and custom laser engraved mason jars for drinks. Being that it was later on a Sunday evening with the closing hour slowly approaching, I was expecting that we would be the only ones in the restaurant. I was pleasantly surprised when I found the parking lot almost full and a wide array of patrons sitting at the bar and dinning areas.

Eager to see what the Grafton Grill had to offer in regards to burgers, I was slightly disappointed to find that they only offered one; the Grafton Grill Burger ($12) as it were. This solo burger featured fresh ground sirloin, heirloom tomato, leaf lettuce, red onion, and ale sauce. However, they offered a wide array of a la carte toppings to customize your burgers needs from 8 different cheese choices, two bacon choices, caramelized veggies and even a fried egg. I decided to top my burger with Applewood smoked bacon ($1), Wasabi cheddar cheese ($1) and a fried egg ($2), bringing my burger total to $16. I also opted for the truffle fries, but you could choose regular fries, a fruit cup, or a house or Caesar salad as a side option. As I sipped my soda, I was contemplating the choice of cheese I had just made. Being a lover of sushi, I was familiar with the spice and heat that wasabi could potentially have when mixed with other ingredients, and I was getting more and more excited with each passing moment.

When the burger came, my first impression was how beautifully the burger was plated. Seared with the Grafton Grill logo, the top of the buttered bun glistened in the light as a bamboo skewer helped hold everything in place. The truffle fries lay off to the side, freshly seasoned and piping hot, as if they just came out of the deep fryer. The wasabi cheddar cheese actually came on the side…think of wasabi pub cheese that was spreadable, rather than something that is sliced. I would have actually preferred if the wasabi cheddar cheese was a bit spicier, but I am always looking for more spice (if anyone reads these regularly should know).

The sirloin burger was cooked beautifully to a medium temperature and was extremely flavorful. The red onion and lettuce added a bite of freshness and tang to the mix. The Applewood smoked bacon was thick cut and covered the entirety of the burger. You always got a bite of bacon with each bite of burger. The Ale sauce was almost undetectable, but it had some pretty serious company. The runniness of the fried egg yolk made the burger creamy and rich, complimenting the burger in a breakfast sandwich sort of way. The truffle fries were fried perfectly to a golden brown and seasoned wonderfully. The saltiness from the parm that they were tossed in and the earthiness of the truffle oil made these fries to die for. I only wish I had more to keep eating. I would’ve liked a chipotle aioli for dipping, rather than ketchup though…something to put them over the top.

I was completely satisfied with my fabulous meal and was pleased beyond my own expectations at this local establishment. But as I finished sipping my Coke and chatted with friends, turning a year older has put a lot of things into perspective, as some recent events have a profound impact to some close friends and family. Tomorrow is never promised and the only time that we know we have for certain is right now. What you do with that time is up to you, but I hope you choose wisely and decide to spend some time with the ones you care about the most, and surround yourself with good food in the process. If the motto of the Grafton Grill can help you out, it’s to Eat-Drink-Gather…and love. Love yourself and your fellow man to create a better life for yourself and a better world for others. But enough of this philosophical sappiness, if you have a favorite burger spot that you think I should visit, tweet me @EDioufUC5 and you might see your recommendation featured next month…until next time!