Greek Pie from Corner Grille in Worcester, MA

Unassuming exterior. Small eat-in area inside. Two ceramic deer heads with stick antlers on the wall. And two red chalkboards boasting the fare in impressive chalk-script. None of this matters. The pizza is excellent. The quality and taste of every pizza on the menu cannot be praised enough. Most pizzas around are close to equal parts crust and topping. The Corner Grille does not follow this model, setting itself light-years higher in flavor than your usual pizza joint. The crust is extremely thin, and it serves its two purposes well. First, it is a means of getting the toppings of the pie to ones mouth. Secondly, it provides a textural crunch. I ordered the Greek Pie consisting of baby spinach, garlic, lemon, oregano, diced tomatoes, and cheese. It was a panic order, I’ll admit, as I could not decide which to try. I later learned that no matter which I had ordered I would have been thrilled. The Greek Pie was salty, crispy, garlicky goodness. There was not an overwhelming amount of spinach or garlic. Indeed, the pizza seemed to have the ideal quantity of all ingredients. The thin slices allowed me to consume several mouthfuls of not only my pie, but also slices from my neighbors and from the two extra pizzas that materialized next to our table. The staff was amazing and I could tell how much pride they take in their food. I cannot possibly recommend Corner Grille more, and look forward to returning again for their Chicken Caesar Salad Pie!