Allow me to reintroduce myself…just kidding. It has been a while since I ventured into the realm of burgers but now I have returned. With the craziness of the holidays and just completing a move to a new house, I am glad to be back. I decided to come back to the basics and go to a Shrewsbury Street classic, Brew City, for my latest iteration of my burger blog. Needing a hearty meal and possibly a cold beverage at the end of a long week brought me to 104 Shrewsbury Street. Walking in, I was instantly reminded of Monday Night Football and wing specials in the bar, complete with crowded seating and the occasional unruly patron.

It has actually been a few years since I had been to Brew City and I was happy to see that the interior décor had been updated and their menu was given a massive overhaul thanks to a newer executive chef. After ordering a classic ‘Gansett lager, I decided to see what the menu had to offer in the burger department. I was rather surprised to find that they had quite the selection of unique and eclectic choices. I decided on the Ravioli Roma ($12.99). As it is described on their menu, this is a fresh black angus burger topped with a jumbo 5 cheese fried ravioli, marinara sauce and provolone cheese on a butter toasted ciabatta roll. After reading this description, how could I not get it?! A burger mixed with Italian…as Charlie Sheen would say, “#winning.”

When the burger came, the first thing that struck me were the colors of the dish. The marinara sauce was bright red, the fried ravioli was a toasted brown, the burger was charred from the grill and the bun was shining with what looked like a fresh coat of butter. As I bit into the burger, it revealed a nice medium center. The ravioli added a nice textural element to the burger with its crunchy exterior. I was almost expecting the ravioli to lend more of a cheesy element to the burger.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t as cheesy as I would’ve hoped…but then again, I do thoroughly enjoy my cheese. The marinara sauce took the place of a ketchup or BBQ sauce that you would normally top a burger with, and it was a pleasant surprise. The marinara was deep in flavor and had a slight sweetness to it, that complimented the rich burger and ravioli nicely. While I would’ve thought a sturdy ciabatta roll would have been the perfect roll for this type of burger, it just didn’t stand up well against its formidable contents. While it was buttery and delicious, I found that I had to squeeze it to keep the burger in one piece and as a result, more or less made two ciabatta pieces of paper. The fresh cut fries were a delight, as they were salted wonderfully and twice fried for a crunchy, golden outside that we all want from a fry!

As I downed an additional beverage, I was happy to say that Brew City has evolved (atleast to me anyways) from an average restaurant and bar, to a Shrewsbury Street staple with a menu to rival any of the burger places I have visited already. The menu has been refined, while still offering a wide variety of choices, while still being unique with character all it’s own. I just wish my stomach and wallet had the room to try more of their delectable sounding burgers, like the Buffalo Jam, Hot Mess or Thai Blue…but I guess tomorrow is another day! As my burger quest continues, I can always use recommendation. Tweet and follow me @edioufuc5 and your burger suggestion might be my next spot. Until next time…