Spinage and Ricotta Cheese Pizza

Worcesterites are very protective of their favorite pizza joint. I have seen families (okay, one family, mine) nearly come to blows regarding where to go for Friday night pizza. Each of us knows for a fact that his place serves the best pie in town. It is not a matter of one place having unique toppings. Pepperoni is pepperoni no matter where you go. It is a matter of crust. And the crust at the Wonder Bar is just about the best in town – thin and slightly crispy, but never burnt. It is the perfect foundation for your favorite toppings. For my last Wonder Bar outing, I focused on vegetable toppings. If you have spinach on your pizza it becomes a health food, right? I began with spinach, ricotta, and garlic. The spinach and ricotta add texture as much as flavor, and the garlic flavor was present but not overwhelming. Overall the toppings were subtle, allowing me to focus on what the Wonder Bar does best – crust. And that’s just the way I like it. -JD

This pizza is had a decent amount of spinach and a fair amount of small, dollops of ricotta. I found it to be very flavorful and in most bites received the taste of spinach as well as the ricotta. The crust was cooked perfectly for my taste as where all the pizza’s I tried that night. I love spinach and am glad they offered this, I would come back to Wonder Bar and order this again.  -RL