They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, providing energy and sustenance for the activities that lay ahead. According to new evidence, we should consume 15-25 percent of our daily energy intake at breakfast, yet it seems that less than half of the adult population take this notion seriously. And we know why.

Breakfast is the hardest meal of the day to plan. Between beating the morning commute and starting our day with high levels of stress, it is hard to sit down and enjoy an uninterrupted meal during the week but at Carl’s Oxford Diner, you can dig into a hefty breakfast way passed the suggested 7 am breakfast time.

Carl’s famous omelets at Carl’s Oxford Diner in Oxford, MA.

Carl’s famous omelets at Carl’s Oxford Diner in Oxford, MA.

According to popular belief, the ideal breakfast is comprised of two eggs, a pancake, a strip of bacon and maybe toast. But at Carl’s Oxford Diner, that meal plan is weak and doesn’t fulfill the criteria for a proper morning routine. Ordering breakfast at Carl’s means taking in more than the suggested 25 percent of our daily energy and we are okay with that. While the diner offers your typical diner menu – a menu lined with pancakes, French toast, and home fries – it is the serving portion that makes us stamp Carl’s Oxford Diner with the seal of #SundayFunday approval.  Ordering for two at Carl’s includes 18 pieces of bacon, 10 pancakes, a full plate of home fries and half a loaf of toast and if you’re dining alone, well…we wish you good luck finishing your meal. Carl’s famous omelets are of massive proportions. The shaved steak and cheese – you can substitute the shaved steak for pastrami – is made with five eggs, two cups full of shaved steak, a few slices of cheese and served on top of a plate of home fries and bacon. If you weren’t a breakfast lover before, Carl’s will change your perspective. The best part of the massive portions are the prices. With loaded omelets starting under $9 and sandwiches starting at $6, you can eat for hours and still stay under that magical $20 budget.

Our one request is that you prepare yourself for the wait on Sunday as the line at Carl’s pours out through both entrance doors all morning. The weekend schedule is tough but if you’re a dedicated foodie, you’ll bring some friends, occupy your time and wait to indulge in Carl’s ultimate breakfast meals.  And while you’re waiting, ask about the professional eater who stops in to eat 33 pancakes in one sitting.

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