Eating wings during the Super Bowl isn’t a cliché for New Englanders, it’s a way of life. When your home team is led by the GOAT – you don’t want to bite into a tiny cucumber sandwich with the crusts cut off during the fourth quarter with 2 minutes left and no timeouts! Instead, you can elevate the game highlights with a meaty, saucy wing that captures the true feeling of Super Bowl in New England. While there are a lot of wing places, there’s only one that tells you where to go right in its name: Eat at Jumbo’s.

Winner of the 2017 Best Wings by Boston A-List and listed as one of Thrillist’s Best Wings, Eat at Jumbo’s is one of the great local places where everyone knows your name. With a menu serving forty wing sauces – all bottled in-house – customizing an NFL game day meal is as easy as Brady throwing to Amendola for the winning touchdown. With authentic wing flavors like the suicidal tender sauce – a homemade hot sauce lined with a kiss of death – and the pterodactyl sauce – a bbq sauce with a mild kick at the end – eating at Jumbo’s turns an ordinary Sunday in Somerville into a #SundayFunday filled with flavor exploration and adventurous eating. Of course, we go for the wings, especially during Super Bowl Sunday, but if you’re looking for variety, not to worry because Eat at Jumbo’s is as unique as its name.

From the Atomic Burger – a burger topped with Jalapenos and ‘napalm death sauce’ – to the Bob Marley Pizza – a pesto base pie topped with free-range Rasta Jamaican jerk chicken, banana peppers, and Roma tomatoes – eating at Jumbo’s is all about the electric experience and the defiance of your regular pizza and wing place. Eat at Jumbo’s receives the #SundayFunday seal of approval and not just for their creativity, but for those suicidal tenders – our mouths are still on fire.