The implication that Super Bowl Sunday is meant to be spent in some hole-in-the-wall sports bar with mediocre wings and a rotation of stale beer is insulting to the foodie that craves an exciting meal for an equally exciting game. Of course, we labeled Eat at Jumbo’s as the place to order your Super Bowl Wings of extraordinary spice, but if you are a real sports fan – let alone a New England fan – then you know we must pre-game before the main course. If the main course is spent eating at Jumbo’s then your pre-game destination is at Lincoln Tavern & Restaurant.

With a menu of little middle ground, the dishes speak to both extremes. The smoked salmon platter – a house smoked salmon with whipped cream cheese, shaved red onion, tomato, cucumber, avocado, capers, with a sesame bagel – is light on the tongue while the breakfast burger – a maple sausage patty topped with hash browns, an over easy egg, pepper jelly, hollandaise, Portuguese muffin, served with fries or a salad (let’s be honest– who will order a salad with this epic burger?) – hits you heavy like a ton of bricks and in the most satisfying of ways.

However, there is one dish that breathes life to the little bit of middle ground this menu has to offer and its constant evolution is something to obsess about.

At Lincoln Tavern, the pancakes are a play on everything that is good in the world. From the pumpkin pancakes topped with a graham cracker crumble, cream cheese frosting, plump golden raisins and bourbon maple syrup to the fruity pebble pancakes – a pancake combination too sweet to turn down – the pancake play at Lincoln is the perfect addition to your #SundayFunday roster. With pancake ingredients dedicated to the season, they never miss the mark. The pear and chai pancakes with caramelized bosc pears, ginger pecan syrup, and mascarpone cheese are exactly what we all need to get over the month of January.

Lincoln Tavern South Boston, MA (Source: Facebook)

Lincoln Tavern South Boston, MA (Source: Facebook)

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