In the mix of the diverse Central American palettes, the El Salvadorian cuisine stands unique with its distinct influence from the Spanish and Native American traditions, including those traditions from domestic Lenca, Maya, and Pipil cultures. With the major ingredients of corn, flour, and maize, the El Salvadoran combination of meats like beef, pork and chicken blend well together in an array of authentic dishes. At Hacienda Don Juan, these dishes are transformative and speak to the cultural influences of El Salvador and Mexico. These flavors coupled with the full immersion of the Spanish language makes Hacienda Don Juan a truly bona fide #SundayFunday destination.

Hacienda Don Juan

Hacienda Don Juan

Dramatic telenovelas play in the background as you walk into Hacienda while your attention is immediately grabbed by the aromas lingering from the kitchen. El Salvador is on the west coast of Central America with seven million people pinched together into a country the size of Massachusetts; dining at Hacienda definitely gives you that same tight-knit community feel. The brightly painted walls, the lined wooden tables with enough seats to fit up to 40 adventurous eaters, and the simple wall decor depicting El Salvadorian and Mexican images make Hacienda a gem in the heart of Main South. For many, Main South in Worcester is an uncharted area with few visits from local foodies but if you talk with students from Clark University, you will quickly learn about the treasures Main South holds with Hacienda Don Juan at the top of the list.

With corn at the epicenter of the country’s mainstays, Hacienda caters to the authenticity of its corn loving dishes with pupusas, tortillas, and tamales. Pupusas, sold for less than two dollars, are thick tortillas stuffed with cheese, beans, pork or other ingredients, and are, without a doubt, the most iconic El Salvadorian food. Accompanied by a cabbage salad called curtido, the pupusas are often served as a lunch option or a side with the main dish. Like beans, another side served often with an array of dishes in both whole and puree form, Pupusas are a treat that takes many forms. Hacienda Don Juan maintains a menu of iconic dishes like the tostadas – two flat crispy tortillas with beans, chicken, lettuce, salsa, sour cream, tomatoes and cheese – and tacos – ranging in meat choices like chicken, steak, carnitas, birria and al pastor – but also branches out to include heartier meals like the pollo empanizado – breaded boneless chicken breast with your choice of green or red sauce, a side of rice, beans and warm tortillas.

#SundayFundays are about exploration and breaking outside of the norm and Hacienda Don Juan helps you make that mark in the most delicious way possible.

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