One of Kathryn Tsandikos’ greatest challenges as the owner of George’s Coney Island has been upkeeping the iconic restaurant’s infrastructure while simultaneously remaining frozen in time for her customers. On September 30th, Tsandikos and her team will transport us back through 100 years of history with a block party in celebration of their centennial.

The party will kick off in the middle of Southbridge Street from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. with hotdog deals, giveaways, raffles, face painting, and exclusive merchandise including pins and cups.

“We want this to feel like a time machine,” says Katie Rozenas of Discover Central Mass, who has been working with Tsandikos to plan the milestone event. Even the live music has been structured to take attendees through the decades. “We’re doing this to celebrate Worcester and how the city has changed itself,” Rozenas says.

Guests will be encouraged to contribute to an art piece to help memorialize what George’s Coney Island means to the community. “It’s not just about us, it’s about our loyal customers,” says Tsandikos, “We want to celebrate the community that has allowed Coney Island to exist for 100 years.” She hopes that everyone who has ever set foot in George’s Coney Island will join her for the celebration.

Other partners will be on hand for the festivities including Polar Seltzer, Table Talk Pies, Worcester Bravehearts, Kayem Hot Dogs, Ben and Jerry’s, Wachusett Potato Chips, and Wormtown Brewery. Admission is free.