The Retailers Association of Massachusetts recently recognized One Eleven Chophouse as the “Restaurant of the Year” with its distinguished Awards of Excellence (REAMAE). The award is given to a restaurant that continuously provides its patrons with exceptional service, menu selection and a pleasurable overall experience. Previous restaurant award winners have successfully combined extraordinary  cuisine, service, and atmosphere and there is no doubt that One Eleven Chop House does just that.

Robb and Madeleine Ahlquist

Robb and Madeleine Ahlquist

“We’re truly grateful for the loyal customer support that we’ve received here in Worcester,” says Robb Ahlquist, founder of the Worcester Restaurant Group and owner of One Eleven Chophouse.

“We are extremely proud of all three of our restaurants (including The Sole Proprietor and VIA).  As with children, we have no favorites,” continues Ahlquist. “However, we are especially proud of the amazing team at One Eleven.  So nice to see their hard work and dedication being recognized.”

The award to the One Eleven Chophouse comes at a time when Worcester has been recognized for its dining scene renaissance, including recent articles in the New York TimesBoston Globe, and the Providence Journal. Recognition by the Retailers Association of Massachusetts is further proof that something special is happening in Worcester with its many great restaurants. There is little debate that the One Eleven Chophouse is a Central Massachusetts icon, but what’s telling is that it has evolved and continues to be a standard of excellence.

“The Awards of Excellence was created 19 years ago as a way to shine a light on the hidden jewels of the retail industry here throughout the state. It is vital to recognize those innovators that are doing it the right way for their customers, and to also use them as beacons for others to follow,” says Jon Hurst, President of the Retailer’s Association of Massachusetts.

Historically, most REAMAE recipients have been Boston-based businesses. In the past ten years, only two other award recipients have emerged from Central Massachusetts: Crompton Collective was recognized for Best Creative Concept in 2014 and Vaillancourt Folk Art was recognized for Community Service in 2007.

“We hope the recognition will encourage guests from around the state and region to come visit us and sample all that Worcester has to offer,” enthuses Ahlquist.