On March 27th, Worcester Restaurant Group will host a five course dinner and wine pairing event at 111 Chop House in honor of Share Our Strength’s ‘No Kid Hungry’ campaign. ‘No Kid Hungry’ aims to end child hunger in America by connecting young people and their families to healthy, affordable meals. Worcester Restaurant Group is joined by Niche Hospitality Group, deadhorse hill, Sonoma of Princeton, and Sweet Kitchen and Bar.

Attendees can expect an impressive spread of hors d’oeuvres from 6:00-7:00 p.m. featuring the likes of Aquavit Gravlax and Fried Pig Head Tacos. Chefs are pulling out all the stops for the five courses that follow including Piquillo Relleno, Poached Salmon, Lasagna Bolognese, Stuffed Beef Tenderloin, and Chocolate Cake served with Earl Grey Ice Cream.

In the spirit of ‘No Kid Hungry,’ we asked a few of the participants for their expert tips about “shopping smarter.”

Mark Hawley

Worcester Restaurant Group

Shop smart with a plan, cook only what you need, and try to use as much of what you bought as possible (just like people did in the old days before the luxury of buying fabricated, processed items.) If you respect and love the food in front of you, it will love you back.

Cauliflower is one of my favorite vegetables. Most people use just the florets, but every part of this vegetable is delicious. You can puree it, chop it into rice or cous cous, roast it on its own, use it in stir-fry…it even makes great pizza crust. And, the green leaves that typically get peeled off and thrown away can be transformed into a crisp chip with a buttery stem if you put them in the oven with some olive oil, salt, and pepper.


Bill Brady

Sonoma of Princeton

For healthy eating on a tight budget, buy vegetables in season, perhaps freezing the surplus. You can save a tremendous amount of money this way. Another tip is to “batch cook” by planning to cook three or four meals with one item. For instance, buy a whole chicken – this is relatively inexpensive.

Meal One: Whole roast it.

Meal Two: Use the leftover meat to make a low fat chicken salad.

Meal Three: Use the bones and scraps to make a chicken stock, add vegetables for a tasty soup.


Cornelius Rogers

Niche Hospitality Group

We are pretty conscious about what we buy and eat in our household, especially for [our children] Scarlett and Bear. Fresh is best. We always have fresh veggies and fruits to snack on. For lunch and dinner we cut them up for their plates instead of buying fries or chips. Pickles too, that’s one of their favorite snacks.

READ THE LABELS! Compare similar items together and see what is the best. Light, fat free, low fat can sometimes hide sugars and chemicals, and are generally higher in calories and sodium. Buy larger cuts of meat or whole birds instead of steaks and boneless skinless chicken breasts. You can get much more for your money and it will go much further. Think about how many people a turkey can feed on the holidays; that could translate into many healthy and different meals for an entire week. Buy a chuck roast and cook it low and slow. This is a great place to use your crockpot. Leftovers could become breakfast hash, sandwiches, and even tacos. That’s four meals out of one cut of meat.

Your seat at the ‘No Kid Hungry’ dinner and wine pairing can be reserved on the 111 Chop House website. Tickets are $150 including tax and gratuity. Proceeds will help families throughout the state make healthy choices and shop smarter.