Let’s Celebrate Local, Traceable Food and Beverage!

Lettuce Be Local is excited to announce their 5th annual local farmer dinner.

Ticket were released on Monday April 10th at 8am and are limited to the first 200 people to celebrate local food, where 100% of the ingredients are traceable to their local farms!

Since the series launch in July 2012, the Lettuce Be Local Farmer Dinner Series was designed to connect consumers to local farms and the chefs, institutions and food businesses who contribute to the growth of local agriculture, while educating on the abundance of Massachusetts grown food and beverages. To mirror the mission of the Lettuce Be Local Food Hub, the dinner sources 100% of the ingredients locally, including the beverages, and can be traced to the farm of origin or producer.  The local farmer dinner series changes its farm location with every dinner, to strengthen the relationships between consumers and locally grown products and heighten agritoursim and agriculture across the state.


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