Aushak at Pomir Grill on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester

My first experience eating Afghanistan cuisine made me wanting to come back for more. Pomir Grill, which opened in July, is a small, family-run establishment. The walls are covered with beautiful artwork painted by the wife, co-owner, and sole cook. The restaurant fits between 30-35 people, but has a comfortable waiting area in lieu of a bar (Pomir is BYOB).

Upon being seated, we were greeted immediately by the owner’s daughter who would be our hostess and server for the evening. I decided to start with the Kachalu Cutlets—a lightly, pan-fried potato dish filled with ground beef. The dish arrived with a crispy crust filled with piping hot, flavor-filled ground beef. The potato portion was well seasoned with bits of grated onion. The meat was tender and moist with a lemony hint. My husband and I shared the dish and wished we each had ordered our own.

For my main dish, I eagerly ordered the Aushak—pasta filled with leek and spinach served with beef sauce. The dish arrived and I could not wait to dig in. The pasta was piled high with seasoned ground-beef, lentils, and tomato drizzled in a cool yogurt sauce – a nice contrast in heat, flavor, and texture. The pasta was delightful. The aushak resembled ravioli, however, the dough was delicately thin. The filling was mild and was slightly overpowered by the meat sauce. When I return, I would order this dish again, but have the sauce on the side so that I can greater appreciate the pasta. The dish also has the option of being served with a garlic sauce which seemed like a tasty alternative.

The evening ended with the owners checking in on us and making sure we were satisfied with the food, service, and overall experience. I enthusiastically gave them my accolades: not only will I return, but I will eagerly spread the word to family and friends that the Pomir Grill is a must! -AV