Lobster Risotto from The International in Bolton, MA

While driving down Rt. 70 from Worcester toward The International in Bolton I could not help but wonder, “Why did I agree to go outside of Worcester on this Foodie adventure when there are so many places left to try in the city?”

My GPS directed me down long winding roads into the darkness so I was happy when I finally saw the welcoming lights of The International entranceway. When I found my way inside the Fireplace Room, it was a large space with a warm glow.

The menu had a few nice options on it and the waitress offered up some helpful suggestions as well. Generally I like to go for something I haven’t eaten before. When I saw Lobster and Pumpkin Risotto on the night’s featured menu I had to go for it. The menu stated that the dish included Maine lobster, brown sugar roasted pumpkin, smoked applewood bacon, peas, asiago cheese, and toasted pumpkin seeds.

I was not sure what to expect, but I was hoping it wasn’t a lot of cinnamon and apple spices. I was hoping for something creamy and savory.

What showed up was a tiny roasted pumpkin sitting in the middle of the plate with lobster pieces and creamy risotto pouring seductively down its sides. It smelled great. It looked great. And, when I slide my butter knife through the soft pumpkin skin and gathered up lobster, rice and a slice of pumpkin, it was heavenly. There was a lovely savouriness and a delightful creaminess that mixed perfectly. There were no disappointing flavors to be found. It was just fantastic so I ate the whole delicious thing.

Our table was served well. Our waitress was lovely and attentive. I did notice our companion table waited a long time for their meals. Large parties like ours can be a challenge to a kitchen staff. So I would say that if you go, expect a bit of a wait. The large dining room seats many a hungry diner.

Overall, my meal was excellent. The servers for our table were flawless. And, the company was lovely. I would go back there for a romantic evening or a group gathering with friends to celebrate a special occasion.

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