Grilled Chicken and Ravioli from Joey’s Bar and Grill on Chandler Street in Worcester, MA

I have enjoyed Joey’s Bar and Grill more in their new location on Chandler Street – it’s a very vibrant and lively place. It always seems busy which is to me means people enjoy the food and atmosphere.  Over the past year, I have been numerous times and for the most part have stuck with my favorites the crispy fish tacos and appetizers but this time we were lucky enough to be there for restaurant week so thought I would try something different. So I went with the 3 course entree of Grilled & Chilled Shrimp, Grilled Chicken and Ravioli and for dessert the Lemon Sorbet.  The grilled shrimp was served over romaine lettuce with black bean and heirloom tomato salsa.  When I eat grilled shrimp I like to taste that it was grilled and this did not disappoint. It was overall light and refreshing and a great start to a healthy meal.

My chicken and ravioli entree usually came with a roaster yellow pepper cream sauce but when I told them I was not able to eat cream sauce they were proactive in telling me they could serve the chicken dish another way as everything was made to order. Very refreshing to see as not all restaurants will be as accommodating. The dish came out with 2 chicken breasts lightly grilled which were very moist and tender and garnished with sprigs of rosemary. Along side the chicken came 7-8 ravioli that were filled with spinach and garlic. For me my sauce was a garlic aioli. It would have been nice to have had some sauce over the chicken to bring together the chicken and the ravioli a little better. The portions were the right size, not too big and just enough to fill me up for the night. Capping the night I went with the lemon sorbet that came with some mixed berries. It was a nice palette cleanser to a great dinner. -MM