Chicken Artichoke from Blackstone Bistro in Worcester, MA

I have two main points I wish to express about my most recent outing with Worcester Foodies at Blackstone Bistro.  First point: I am not very smart sometimes.  Second point: See first point.

Despite Blackstone Bistro being eight minutes from my home, I had never been before and relied on my phone as a guide.  Thanks to Massachusetts’ notorious tangle of roads and after passing the same industrial park four times, I arrived a few minutes late wondering how I had missed this road which, as it turns out, I’ve been taking since childhood (see: first point).  The atmosphere at the Blackstone Bistro is very casual and inviting, an updated, classic american dining feel, so I was able to relax quickly and put my navigation troubles behind me.

For an appetizer I chose the Stuffed Mushrooms, mushroom caps with vegetarian homemade stuffing topped with a light garlic butter sauce, as I’ve been making an attempt to eat lighter and healthier lately. Yes, I know, but at least the butter and stuffing was on a vegetable (see: second point).  It was quite good and unlike most stuffed mushrooms I’ve had in that it wasn’t dripping in oil and butter.

Wanting to go light(er) for my main course, I ordered the Chicken Artichoke, a boneless chicken breast sautéed in a garlic lemon sauce with artichoke hearts.  When it arrived I saw that it was far creamier than anything I had been eating recently, but the first bite sealed my fate and the plate was soon empty. The lemon cut the cream, keeping it from overwhelming my palate and complimenting both the chicken and the artichoke. It was a delicious dish that was able to masquerade itself as light tasting, but I and my stomach will warn you (see: first AND second point): if you’re used to eating light, only eat half!

Blackstone Bistro is a place with friendly staff, fine service, and a safe menu. While the dessert choices seemed fairly basic (I decided to pass) and it seems as though free refills should be standard on soda (just a small pet peeve), it was a wonderful evening of good food in a great environment.