Chicken Parmesan from Blackstone Bistro in Worcester, MASince the opening of the Blackstone Bistro back in the Fall, I have enjoyed many fine meals at this casual, BYOB restaurant so when I found out it was our next WorcesterFoodies destination I was excited. Before I left for dinner, I looked at the menu online to get a head start on what I was going to order, but unfortunately I was unable to make a decision because so many items looked great. I decided to wait and make my decision when I got to the restaurant, but that didn’t help because in addition to the regular menu there were also great specials to choose from.

I decided to order the Chili con Carne as an appetizer and my “go to” dish, the Chicken Parmesan as my meal. Lets start with the chili….I was warned by the server it can be a little “hot” for some diners, but for me, it was perfect. Served in a large, plentiful bowl, it was thick with beans, beef, tomatoes and peppers, spiced expertly. I enjoyed a Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale with my chili and the caramel, brown sugar, hoppy flavor of the beer matched perfectly with the hearty flavor of this dish.

My meal began with a small house salad, which by itself, would have been uneventful, if not for the outstanding, homemade dressing. My Chicken Parmesan was cooked and served exactly as I had ordered. The dish consisted of two large, boneless chicken breasts, breaded and served crispy on the outside and tender and moist on the inside, topped with a sweet, rich marinara sauce and creamy mozzarella cheese. A side dish of penne pasta accompanied the chicken.

The atmosphere at the Blackstone Bistro is casual and the service was outstanding. Louis Pizzaro, owner / chef, is friendly and engaging as he met our group and thanked us for coming. Blackstone is BYOB, affordable and very highly recommended!

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