Crisp Goat Cheese Teaser

2009 Gravity Hills "Vertigo" Chenin Blank/Riesling (Central Coast, California)No, you read that title right. Ceres Bistro has become known for it’s gourmet style, “wow-inducing” atmosphere, and a generous balance between prices lower than the taste merits. This is true with the Crisp Goat Cheese and cream of corn teaser with basil jello and freeze dried crisp kernels, which, when paired with the 2009 Gravity Hills “Vertigo” Chenin Blank/Riesling (Central Coast, California) started the Worcester Foodies off in the first direction as their first course when visiting Ceres Bistro in early May.

The deep fried goat cheese was presented on a bed of arugula and topped with a pineapple chutney. The cheese was mild and did not compete with the other flavors on the dish but did offset the sweet and chunky chutney. The mild nature of the fried goat cheese and sweet taste of the chutney was brought together with the surprising nature of the basil jello cubes—cool, light, and refreshing. The trio of flavors and textures evoked a symphony of gustatory experiences.

The cream of corn “teaser” was aptly named as one’s desire for more grew with each bite until you were left wanting more when it was gone. Cream of corn chowder can often be overpowering as a course on itself, but the small portion with freeze dried crisp kernels helped to bring closure to this dish. Simple and familiar, it’s light body was luscious to the palate and, when adding the crostini for dipping and freeze dried kernels for texture, this teaser did leave many of the Worcester Foodies anxious for more and further curious about the second course—Sweet Sour and Salty Tuna and Smokey Brined Pork Tenderloin with Cauliflower chow chow, braised collards, and marinated butter beans—and the finalé—Sour Cream Coffee Cake with Parsnip Gelato topped with Candied Bacon.

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