Fish Tacos from Boynton on Highland Street in Worcester, MA

This past Tuesday our restaurant choice was the Boynton Restaurant & Spirits, while in college I would come here for the spirits, as an adult I come here for the food. I have eaten at the Boynton for many years, I love the atmosphere, the large menu and the diversity of patrons. I have never gone to the Boynton and not had to wait for either a seat at the bar or booth and nothing has changed. Clearly, they are doing something right.

We arrived with a party of fifteen, which for a restaurant this busy, is quite the task.  We were quickly seated in the upper level, a place I had never sat before, a comfortable, large room with two large tables (enough to seat fifteen) and a few smaller ones scattered about, it was comfortable with plenty of room. I had previously looked at the menu online to try and decide what I was going to order, though, when I arrived and looked at the Specials Menu, I completely changed my mind. There were options from steamers to steaks and everything you could imagine in between.

I decided on Fish Tacos and as an appetizer, Tuna Sashimi-Sushi Grade Tuna, thinly sliced and placed over a bed of Asian Coleslaw with Pickled Ginger, Wasabi and Lite Soy Sauce. I must admit I was apprehensive about the Tuna Sashimi, I usually only get this at a sushi restaurant not a pub style restaurant, well, I must say this was the highlight of my meal. The waitress was attentive and friendly and didn’t miss a beat. The appetizers arrived, the tuna sashimi was fresh, easy to cut and delicious, it was placed on the most delicious Asian coleslaw I have ever had. The combination made me want to order it for my meal.

The Fish Taco’s arrived on a large plate with three large tortilla filled shells heaped with fish, salsa, avocado and cabbage.  The fish was fresh and perfectly cooked, which, I must add was perfectly seasoned-I could have eaten it plain and been satisfied. The fish portions were large and the shells were heated so they were crispy with melted cheese on them. Perfect! The avocado added a nice touch-I was unable to finish them all. I would definitely go back for what I ordered but seeing what everyone else ordered I am excited to order something different as everyone I asked loved their meals. The Boynton is a great place to eat, fantastic food, large menu and lively atmosphere!