The Fish Tacos from Smokehouse Urban Barbecue

Having gone to Smokestack Urban Barbecue many times in the past and enjoyed the traditional bbq/brisket, I thought I would try something a little different.  Lately tacos have been my food crave having read the Crispy Fired Tilapia Taco review from Mezcal Tequila Cantina and, luckily, Smokestack had a few taco choices on the menu. I went with the fish tacos and was not disappointed by the three semi large soft shelled tacos that took up the whole plate.

As expected the fish was a light white catfish that was thankfully lightly battered so it wasn’t greasy tasting at all. Accompanying the catfish in the soft taco/tortilla shells was a nice combination of cabbage and tomatoes tossed with a light chipotle aioli that gave it just a little kick. I could go for a little bit more heat but for those that are afraid of food being too spicy, this was on the mild side.  The tacos were great but I might recommend maybe just serving 2 tacos and instead include a choice of a side.

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