Lasagna Frederico available at Piccolo's on Shrewsbury Street.

Restaurant: Piccolo’s, Shrewsbury Street

As it appears in the menu: Seven layers of fresh pasta and Italian cheeses topped with Freddy’s sausage ragu.

The Facts: The dish consists of seven layers of freshly cooked past, mixed in with thin layers of lightly seasoned ricotta cheese with basil and oregano and a medium spiced peppered sausage. The red sauce was plum tomato based topped with potent fresh basil.

Foodie’s Review: The dish was a very well balanced mix of pasta, cheese and sauce. The sausage added a great medium red sauce that was unexpected and very well received. Most restaurant’s lasagna’s are typically overly “cheesed” but the combination of the tomatoes and sausage balanced the often overpowering cheese. The only negative to this dish was some of the noodles were overcooked at we got to the lower levels, something even the most experienced chef may find hard to master.

This review was done by an independent member of the Worcester Foodies group during their monthly meeting in April 2011.

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