Lobster Ravioli from Blackstone Bistro in Worcester, MABlackstone Bistro boasts dinners from $7.95 to a high of $13.95, matching the casual feel of the restaurant. Seeing one of my favorite dishes on the menu, I chose to go high with the lobster ravioli with a creamy lobster sauce. The dish arrived with four good-sized ravioli covered in a thick, creamy sauce. It may look like a small portion, but the sauce is so thick and rich that it is very filling. There were a few tiny bites of claw meat mixed in with the sauce. The raviolis were well constructed, but the insides were a bit disappointing. There was a fishy flavor to the filling, leading me to believe the meat was not coming from a fresh lobster. The meat inside seemed to be mostly claw meat chopped very small and mixed with cheese. I was surprised to see lobster ravioli on the menu of such a casual restaurant, so I took the bait and gave it a try. The food around the table looked like comfort food in large portions, so if I return I would go for a basic dish like chicken parmesan or pasta primavera.