Taylor Ham Slider From Niche Test Kitchen in Worcester

This month I had the pleasure of being part of the most unique and favorite Foodies experience I have participated in thus far.

Niche Hospitality Group’s new – Test Kitchen. The event was titled “Nose to Tail.” The concept, test new creative items, providing feedback to see if the items may be considered as new offerings at the various Niche venues. I would be remiss, not to express praise to the exceptional chef’s, host, and bartender for this event. Well done (no pun intended).

As we prepared to embark on our culinary journey, we settled in sipping some creative libations, Spring Cleaning Sangria was my choice, very tasty.

The format, we would be presented with six menus, one for each venue, ending with some sweets. It was entertaining to watch the items being prepared in front of us; you are literally in a kitchen.

While each menu was unique and fantastic in its own right, I will highlight some of the items that were my personal favorites.

Taylor Ham Slider: While I love sliders they are typically beef, this was welcome change to the typical slider. Taylor Ham (fancy SPAM) celery root slaw, salsa verde, arugula. This was so delicious, I loved the flavors, and the slaw was the perfect accompaniment.

Bloody Mary Poutine: While I love anything with the words “Bloody Mary” in them, this was no exception. The potatoes had a delicate spice, the slow roasted crispy pork shoulder was so delicious, and the Bloody Mary sauce had the right balance of spicy and flavor to make this unique and enjoyable. I must mention the Bahn Mi Poutine was excellent as well!

Lettuce Cups: I think this was my favorite of the night. Sweet gem, crisp pork belly lardons, blue cheese dressing, minced shallot. These were so delicious; I loved the pork balanced with the dressing, if I was not pacing myself I would have had more.

Porchetta Con Pimenton: Pickled onions, shaved carrot salad, crushed marcona. Simply amazing. The pork was cooked to perfection, the flavors meld together in such harmony.

In addition, we had some sweet options to finish off the evening. I selected the Mexican Hot Chocolate Cheesecake. Creamy cheesecake with a hardened chocolate drizzled atop. Excellent.

I enjoyed this evening immensely; if you have an opportunity like this, you will not regret attending a uniquely delicious experience such as this.

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