Mac and Cheese from Blackstone Bistro in Worcester, MAMost people just use Quinsigamond Village to cut through a busier section of Route 146 to get to Holy Cross. However, what they probably miss is a small restaurant tucked in along side the road that is offering a refreshing take on many American classics. This location used to be home to Sweet T’s Southern Kitchen, but with a modern design and updated décor, there is some added class and civility to the restaurant’s ambiance. Given some of the choices that were available to me on the menu and some of the other choices I have made in regards to dishes in previous months, I wanted to simplify things…I ended up ordering the mac and cheese ($7.95). This mac and cheese was elbow macaroni smothered in their own creamy cheese sauce and topped with golden Parmesan bread crumbs. The dish came out of the kitchen piping hot, with a lovely, crispy crust on top. The macaroni was soft and with cheese sauce made for a velvet like consistency. It could have used some additional salt to make the dish pop. The plate was also garnished with various herbs around the plate’s edge which is a personal pet peeve of mine, because it doesn’t lend anything to the dish and can make for a messier presentation. However, with that being said, my meal transported me to a childhood classic that my parents used to make for me and is pretty much one of the most quintessential comfort dishes you can eat and Blackstone Bistro did a great rendition of it.