Merluzzo al forno from Mare E Monti Trattoria on Wall Street in Worcester, MA

Choosing the healthy meal while eating out is not my forte. Cries for indulgence echo throughout my whole being. Chicken, vegetable, or white fish dishes are dull, make-at-home on a Wednesday meals. So I once thought. Apparently, when healthy foods are cooked perfectly and served with a side of savory risotto, they ARE indulgences! The Merluzzo al forno includes a lemon and herb crusted haddock filet, parmesan spinach risotto and Italian string beans. I say includes because each was delicious and full-flavored.  The haddock filet was cooked to flaky perfection and topped with a very crunchy topping with strong lemon and pepper notes. The thin green beans were bright green, drizzled with olive oil, and topped with chopped tomatoes. A complimentary amount of olive oil and tomatoes I must add; the green beans were not drowning and the plate was not greasy with excess oil. The risotto was very savory with a think sauce and just a little bit of spinach. I was extremely impressed with everything I ate at Mare e Monti, from the bread and olive oil, to the TWO different pie slices I ordered to-go from the dessert platter. I highly recommend Mare E Monti Trattoria and encourage everyone to brave the awkward street parking and indulge!