“Not Your Momma’s” Fried Chicken served with mac and cheese with cucumber salad substituted for collard greens.

Going southern at Smokestack Urban Barbecue meant fried chicken! A large platter of chicken arrived at the table along with two small bowls of sides—this was obviously a meal that I would be enjoying the next day as well!  The chicken was perfectly fried and still very hot with crispy skin and meat so tender that it fell off the bone with little effort.  There was plenty of white meat, which is often lacking with “half chicken” preparations.  The cucumber salad was comprised of thinly cut cucumber slices, shredded carrot and scant red pepper pieces all drenched in a vinegary dressing.  I loved this – it was a great contrast to the richness of the fried chicken and it had a great flavor.  The mac and cheese was simply ok.  It was creamy and covered with crushed Ritz crackers, but I found it bland and lacking flavor.  It was much improved with a splash or two of hot sauce but it still didn’t “wow” me.

Overall, this is a meal I would certainly order again (and again…).  If this dish is representative of the food that Smokestack has to offer, we’ve got a winner!