Pad Thai at Thai Time on Highland Street in Worcester, MA

The day before the foodies and I met at Thai Time on Highland Street I made Pad Thai at home out of a boxed kit. Therefore, I considered myself an expert on Pad Thai and selected it with no hesitation. The options for added protein included chicken, shrimp or…both! I went for both, although I’m pretty sure there were only two shrimps, which was disappointing. The Pad Thai was stir-fried with rice noodles, egg, scallions, bean sprouts, and ground peanuts. This plate was piled high and so delicious looking that it’s photograph wound up as a featured image in the article highlighting the Worcester Foodies on MassLive. After focusing very hard to not drop the plate as it was handed to me across the table, I dove in. I actually completely missed an entire conversation at the table while I reflected on scallions. I love scallions. There were many fresh scallions in my Pad Thai. There was also a good amount of sweet, flavorful sauce covering the thin rice noodles. The dish was not spicy at all, and looking back, I do regret not testing out a few of the six hot sauces that were brought to my companions. I definitely would not have ordered the Fiery Pad Thai, but a tiny saltiness and kick would have made the dish even better. I completely cleaned my plate down to the bean sprouts, and then I even finished off those. I would absolutely return to Thai Time to try more dishes, as my choice was well balanced, well cooked, and full of fresh ingredients.

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