This was my first time to Nuovo Restaurant and I was looking forward to trying it for myself after hearing and reading mixed reviews.  The building has always intrigued me with its windows that open to the sidewalk, making it an inviting option for warm days.  On this Tuesday evening the restaurant was quiet (I think our group was the only one, except for a few bar-goers).

After a short wait, a basket of warm crusty rolls was delivered to the table along with two bowls – an olive oil and herb mixture and a creamy dip that the waitress said included yogurt, lemon and garlic. Wow! Garlic was an understatement – this spread was pungent and DELICIOUS. I would go so far as to say that it was the highlight of my entire meal. I restrained myself, however, as I waited for my entree to arrive. After a reasonable wait (based on our large group size), a large plate was delivered with three large, thin pieces of pork covered with onions and mushrooms in a rich wine sauce. The meat was served over a creamy rice (risotto style, but not quite as creamy) that included spinach and parmesan.

The meat had a strong grilled flavor and it was maybe a touch overcooked, but it was not tough. Thicker cuts of meat may have allowed for a more moist result but the sauce helped with any dryness. The rice was unexpected (I wasn’t thinking it would be risotto style) and a great addition to the meal. I took home half of this meal – between the fabulous garlic dip and the portion size, there was no way I could finish it all! Overall, I wouldn’t put this dish on the top of my favorites list but it (and the other dishes I saw in front of fellow Foodies) left me intrigued about what else Nuovo has to offer. I would certainly come back to try out more of the menu! -JM