Ravioli Ricardo at Piccolo's

Restaurant: Piccolo’s, Shrewsbury Street

As it appears in the menu: Veal and Ricotta stuffed pasta, mushrooms, prosciutto, fresh sage, white wine sauce with goat cheese.

The Facts: The pasta is cooked perfectly with a sauce that is full of flavor—like a lovely wine gravy, oak brown and not too thin, sticking to the pasta perfectly. Ribbons of prosciutto add a nice

Foodie’s Review: The lovely waitress gave a high review and I agree with her “talking it up.” Beautifully plated, the sauce was spread lightly over delicious raviolis that was only enhanced by the goat cheese crumbled on top. The variety of complex flavors and textures come together in a manner that most may not be accustomed to, but was a wild success in my book.

This review was done by an independent member of the Worcester Foodies group during their monthly meeting in April 2011.