Oyster on the half shell From Niche Test Kitchen in Worcester

I had the great pleasure of participating in Worcester Foodies 50th event. For this occasion we went on a great adventure of sights, tastes and textures at The Test Kitchen — 6 rounds of various samples, all featuring part of a roasted pig from Chimney Hill Farm. We were served everything from home made Bratwurst to Mexican Hot Chocolate Cheesecake — 13 dishes in all. One of the more interesting ones and my personal favorite was the Oysters on the Half Shell with a raw quail egg, house-cured guaniciale, uni, and grapefruit mignonette. Those big glistening Wellfleet oysters looked so enticing and slid down so easily I could have eaten a dozen! My next favorite was the Porchetta Corn Pimonton — thick slices of tender pork loin covered in pickled onion, shaved carrots and crushed marcono. Tender, moist and cooked to perfection. Of course there were many more very delectable dished … too many to describe, but all very well done and presented with flair.

The Test Kitchen itself is just a fun place to be. A long counter presents itself as you walk in. Behind which the chef and his helpers are busily preparing food, joking amongst themselves and explaining the various dishes as they spread them out before our eager mouths and gleaming eyes. The stainless steel ovens and big gas stove form the backdrop to all this splendor. In the corner to the left a table was set up for the bar tender. Craft beer and hand selected wines along with a delicious Buffalo Trace punch were available to quench the thirst. Everything was clean, bright and cheery — people chatted freely as they walked around tasting the tantalizing tidbits. I can’t say enough, words don’t do it justice, you’ll just have to go experience this marvel for yourself!