Saltimbocca alla RomanaI was a little stressed on my way to Caffe Espresso Trattoria – my kids were sick, I was running late, and it took me a couple of passes down Chandler Street to find the restaurant tucked behind the RiteAid.  Once inside, however, everything worked in harmony to ease my nerves and create a perfect evening: a warm, relaxing atmosphere, friendly and attentive service, and a beautifully prepared, absolutely delicious meal.  “Saltimbocca” is Italian for “jumps in the mouth,” but at Caffe Espresso Trattoria “saltimbocca” also means “melts in the mouth.”   Prepared traditionally, this saltimbocca was simple, flavorful, and, as the server advised, a little salty from the prosciutto. The mashed potatoes, tasting of just a hint of gorgonzola, were the perfect complement. This meal, however, did force two dilemmas upon me. Should I listen to my taste buds and devour this meal as quickly as humanly possible, or should I slowly savor every bite and extend my dining experience?  Should I eat all four medallions myself, or should I bring something home to my lovely wife who graciously volunteered to stay at home to watch those sick children? I blame the saltimbocca for the decisions I made. -JD

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