Seared Duck Breast at The Urban on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester, MA

The Urban Kitchen opened a few months ago so when it was announced WorcesterFoodies would be going there, I was excited. The old Coral Seafood space on Shrewsbury Street has been transformed into an sleek, modern space with an open kitchen visible form the dining room. The vibe is elegant while still casual and the menu is ambitious and creative, while still approachable.

Compliments of the house, we started our dining experience with house made ricotta served with truffle honey, chives and roasted croutons. The creamy cheese was firm, slightly salty and very flavorful while the truffle honey added a sweetness that pushed this dish to a whole new level.

The seasonal dinner menu had so many interesting items it made choosing an entree difficult. House made pastas, fish, pork, beef and even venison but when my dining companion chose the Artic Char, I immediately chose the Seared Duck Breast knowing I could taste her fish also!

Duck is a tricky dish, but not at The Urban. Perfectly seared duck breast, sat atop caramelized sweet potato and wild mushrooms. The duck, served with the skin, was crispy on the outside and moist, tender and perfectly medium rare on the inside. Flavorful but not gamey, the meat paired well with the earthy sweet potato and wild mushrooms.

The craftsmanship used to create this meal while not overly complicated, was outstanding. The portion size was generous, but not overwhelming. The sides were as well executed as the duck and the presentation superb. Overall, The Urban is a great addition to the Worcester dining scene and I for one will certainly return for what I anticipate will be another wonderful experience.

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