Shrimp Scampi from Livia's Dish on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester, MA

Livia’s Dish starts you off with homemade lemony hummus and fresh, slightly grilled crostini sized bread.  I appreciate a ‘unique’ approach to the rather overdone and usually overlooked dinner roll. Without a microwave and with a freezer solely for gelato, the menu is small but with great variety.  As this translates to better quality dishes, I was very excited and panic ordered the shrimp scampi. Someday I will order something other than scampi if it is on the menu, but this was not the day.  The shrimp scampi was standard: tomato, garlic, olive oil with shrimp over linguini sprinkled with Parmesan and bits of parsley. The shrimp were well-cooked, but I must ask-why are the tails always left on in pasta dishes and stews?  I end up messy because I dig out the shrimp meat inside them. Anyway, the sauce was very rich and adhered to the pasta in a most pleasing manner. Pools of oily nonsense were not left on my plate upon finishing the meal. And I did finish the meal. The pasta was so tender and the sauce so flavorful that I ate until I regretted it. Then I smiled and decided it was worth it. Two thumbs up, I would do it again!