Spicy Tofu and Vegetables from Dalat Restaurant on Park Avenue in Worcester, MA

Vietnamese food has become one of my favorite foods when eating out in Worcester, although I tend to go more in the winter months, so when I found out our next Foodies gathering would be at Dalat I was excited. I purchased a six pack of ice cold beer along with a nice bottle of crisp Pinot Grigio for my dining companion, knowing spicy food was about to consumed, and off we went.

Dalat is a very casual spot on Park Ave, so casual that if you didn’t know it was there you might actually pass by it. Inside things are clean and basic, and obviously, family owned and operated.

We started with an order of spring rolls that came out hot and fresh. For my main meal I opted for one the Chef’s Special – Spicy Tofu and Vegetables. Tofu…? my Foodie friends asked? Yes tofu. In perfect contrast to the al dente vegetables it was served with, the spicy, spongy and delicious tofu was the perfect protein to add to this dish as it took on the flavors of the bell and chile peppers, onions and sprouts it was mixed with. Add the perfect amount of heat and this dish was outstanding, especially with an ice cold BYOB beer! The only draw back is that it was a Chef’s Special and might not be on the menu when I go back. But no worries, I am sure that my next experience at Dalat will be just as outstanding.